You can find every single change in our commit history. We collect the most important changes for Tidy Finance with Python in the list below.

June 3, 2024, Commit 23d379f: We fixed a bug in Univaritate Portfolio Sorts, which led to wrong annual returns in Figure 3. - May 15, 2024, Commit 2bb2e07: We added a new subsection about creating environment variables to Setting Up Your Environment. - May 15, 2024, Commit adccfc9: We updated the filters in CRSP download, so that correct historical information is used and daily and monthly data are aligned. - April 17, 2024, Commit b8c32aa: Corrects a typo in the TRACE download. - April 15, 2024, Commit c0f5cc0: Fixes the definition of the dividend yield.