Reproducible Research Workflows

As top economics and finance journals now mandate code and data sharing, ensuring credibility and longevity of scholarly work is essential. This workshop equips participants with tools and techniques for reproducibility, effective communication, and efficient collaboration. Participants can bring existing research projects to reflect upon and improve their workflows with guidance from instructors and peers. Prior programming experience is beneficial but not required, as the workshop covers foundational knowledge alongside advanced reproducibility techniques applicable to any programming language.

Key Learnings

Structuring research projects
How to incorporate project-oriented workflows, safe paths, and best practices for file naming
Tidy data principles
How to deal with any kind of messy data and work with various data storage technologies
Tidy coding principles
How to write reproducible, readable, and maintainable code
Version control
How to track collaborative projects and enhance accountability of published results
Literate programming
How to create reproducible and effective documents
Development environments
How to consistently and efficiently maintain projects

About the Instructors

The workshop is conducted by members of the Tidy Finance project team, which promotes a transparent, open-source approach to financial economics research. Alongside authoring the books Tidy Finance with R and Tidy Finance with Python (both Chapman & Hall/CRC), they have published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Finance, and Journal of Econometrics.

A portrait of Christoph Scheuch

Christoph Scheuch

Independent Business Intelligence & Data Science Expert

A portrait of Stefan Voigt

Stefan Voigt

Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Copenhagen

A portrait of Patrick Weiss

Patrick Weiss

Assistant Professor of Finance at Reykjavik University

A portrait of Christoph Frey

Christoph Frey

Quantitative Researcher & Portfolio Manager

Team member image

Administrative Details

The workshop is designed for 3 days with 6 onsite teaching hours per day. Suitable meeting rooms must be provided by the client. The full workshop includes talks, discussions and hands-on coding labs.Optionally, the workshop can be reduced to 2 days including only talks and discussions, or a single day workshop that consists of only talks. Please get in touch for detailed pricing.

Talks and discussion sessions may be booked as individual online sessions, where the pricing depends on the scope and timing. Upon demand, the workshop may also give course credits by also including assignments. Please reach out to us for a tailored offer.

Get in Touch

Contact us to schedule a workshop at your institution via contact@tidy-finance.orgquart or the contact form below.

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